Accessory Guide for Onewheels – Different Accessories You Can Get

In this Onewheel accessory guide, you will learn all about the various Onewheel Float Light accessories available to you. The accessories you can purchase include Float Plates, Flight Fins, and Hired Hands wrist guards. Learn which Onewheel accessory is right for you and what they can do for your ride. In addition to Float Plates and Flight Fins, you can also get Sidekicks, Hired Hands wrist guards, and more.


There are a lot of different accessories available for Onewheels, but one of the most important ones is the PintBones. This heavy-duty accessory protects your side rails from scratches and dents while transforming your Onewheel into a sleek and modern machine. PintBones feature curved backing, pre-applied heavy-duty adhesive, and a built-in slot for a name badge.

There are Float Sidekicks, which have been designed to protect the rails of your Onewheel from scratches and dents. These protective accessories keep your Onewheel looking new for longer. The Sidekicks come in different colors and finishes, and Float Life offers various finishes to match your Onewheel. Sidekicks can also help protect Onewheel accessories, such as the rails. Onewheel Sidekicks are a great choice for protecting rails, but be sure to check the compatibility of your Onewheel with these protective accessories.

Float Plates

Float Plates are a great way to protect your Onewheel’s bottom edge and reduce damage from drops. Made of a slicker material than standard bumpers, these plates screw onto the bottom of the board and will keep it safe from a variety of elements. Float plates are available only from Float Life, but there are several different colorways to choose from. Float plates fit both sizes of the Onewheel XR and Pint. These plates will add very little weight to the board, and they should not cause you to lose control.

Besides protecting the battery box, float plates add a touch of customization to your Onewheel. While the stock controller and battery compartments are made of plastic, float plates are made of metal that is strong enough to withstand over 3,000 pounds of force. That’s more than a hippopotamus bite. Float plates are an absolutely necessary Onewheel accessory guide. But what makes these plates so great?

Float plates for Onewheel are an excellent way to protect the board’s hardware and increase its lifespan. They are easy to install and come with all the hardware you need to attach them to your Onewheel. While Onewheels may be an expensive investment, they are also a fun way to spend a weekend or evening on the beach. So make sure to buy the appropriate Onewheel accessories for your lifestyle.

Besides Float plates for Onewheel, you can also get rail guards and fenders for your board. You can also purchase custom-designed rail guards and fenders for your Onewheel. If you’re a fan of modifying your board, you can try buying some new Onewheel bumpers and protective plates from Future Motion. Aside from these, there are a variety of other Onewheel accessories you can buy as an upgrade.

Flight Fins

The Onewheel Flight Fins are a revolutionary new accessory for your onewheel. They are foot holders that provide greater control over the board and are attached to a stock finder or additional fender system. They are made of flexible Santoprene rubber and have no binding mechanism. The latest version of the Flight Fins is compatible with regular stances. Read on to learn more about the new accessory. It’s a great way to enhance your riding experience and improve your trick abilities.

The Flight Fins are available in two styles: standard and low-profile. The former is a traditional fin that attaches to the board’s fender. The latter is more flexible and offers greater freedom of position after installation. Flight Fins are foot-hold fender systems for Onewheel boards. They are designed to provide greater control, allowing you to perform more tricks and spins. The no-binding design of these fins makes them especially popular with beginners.

FlightFins are an excellent purchase for onewheels. They provide the proper amount of giving for your feet and are sturdy enough to support your 26-pound Onewheel. If you’re planning to share your one wheel with your friend, FlightFins are a great accessory to consider. There are many options on the market. A good onewheel flight fin accessory guide will help you choose the best one for your unique needs.

When it comes to accessories for the Onewheel, flightfins are the essential ones. These are compatible with both the Onewheel XR and the Onewheel Pint. They provide extra grip and lock your foot in place while riding, making it easier to perform tricks and jumps. They are not recommended for beginners, however. It’s important to note that they can be costly. However, it’s better to avoid damaging your board in the first place rather than trying to repair it later.

Hired Hands wrist guards

A good pair of wrist guards for your Onewheel is essential if you plan to ride without the help of a hand brace. These wrist guards are made of goatskin leather and are double stitched to ensure maximum durability. The leather allows your hands to breathe, giving them the extra protection they need. One of the advantages of wrist guards is that they’re more flexible than traditional hand braces.

Before purchasing a wrist guard, you should first measure yourself. An inadequate size will not give you the support you need and may slip when you sweat. This can be frustrating and potentially dangerous. To determine your wrist size, use a seamstress’ measuring tape around the widest part of your palm. You can also use a wrist guard size chart provided by the manufacturer to help you choose the right one.

Most wrist guards are multipurpose, allowing them to be used in different sports. Onewheel wrist guards are different from those used in roller derby and skateboarding. That’s because they serve different purposes. Therefore, you should choose the right wrist guard for your Onewheel ride. The best wrist guards are not only durable but also comfortable. Make sure to check the quality and fit before making your purchase.

Hired Hands wrist guards are great for skateboarding. The splints at the wrists help deflect impact and prevent the rider from breaking his or her wrist. However, they aren’t the most effective. Choose a wrist guard that will protect your wrists while you enjoy your sport. This way, you’ll know whether your wrist guards are going to protect you and avoid the pain of injury.

Lumos Matrix Helmet

If you have been considering purchasing a Lumos Matrix helmet, you’ve come to the right place. The Lumos Matrix helmet is a great choice for onewheel enthusiasts, and it features a rear lighting panel and adjustable crank for your head size. The lights are integrated into the helmet, and you can even customize them through the Lumos Companion App. The helmet comes with a strap area with padding for added comfort, as well as rear and front lights. This helmet costs $250 USD.

The Lumos Matrix helmet is a high-tech, modular safety helmet that protects your head while reducing the impact on your head. It features a large LED light on the front and back of your head to prevent collisions, and it’s also available in a full-face version. While this helmet may be pricey, it’s worth the money for the safety features it offers.

The Lumos Matrix helmet also sounds like a great choice and includes great features such as a dual-certified ABS shell and thick EPS foam. It also includes moisture-wicking and stink-free sweat saver liners. Another great feature is its attractive color choices. A few great colors will go a long way in attracting riders. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today.