Essentials to Keep in Mind When Purchasing a New Freezer

But there are reasons that are many to shop for a brand new freezer. Perhaps you currently have one but need much more storage room. Maybe you want a certain starting point storing veggies from the garden or maybe meats that you are able to buy at a discount for purchasing in huge quantities.

No matter exactly why you’re interested in one, you have choices that are numerous in style, features, and also size. Take time to give some thought to everything you need then shop around at equipment and remodeling stores to locate the best offer.


In case you have a lot of foods to store, you most likely would like a chest freezer. They store a lot more since you do not have all of the shelves and also drawers taking up room. You’ll, nonetheless, have gone through piles of your stored foods to find what you are searching for. It’s sometimes easy to overlook what is on the bottom!

You are able to purchase shelves and baskets to assist with several of the organization in this kind. Chests also often have an extended lifecycle than upright versions. Want to view the best ones out there? Well, this article lists several.

In case organization is important for you, an upright freezer could be the best choice. This machine has racks, drawers, and bins similar to a fridge, making it simpler to discover what you are searching for and never lose track of anything.

This type may have extra features you are interested in, but they’re typically not as effective as chests.


Regardless of which style freezer you pick, you are going to have four basic sizes available:

  • Compact: five cubic feet
  • Small: six to nine cubic feet
  • Medium: twelve to eighteen cubic feet
  • Large: Over eighteen cubic feet

What you select truly depends on just how much food you plan to store and the place you plan to keep it. Nearly all individuals that choose the huge size store it in a storage area or perhaps someplace into position, because it is going to take up a great deal of room. A compact, on another hand, fits well in a kitchen or even pantry area.


Imagine several of the characteristics which might be crucial to you in a freezer. This depends upon the place you live, just how much you’ll be going with the appliance, and just how much time you have for regular maintenance.

Energy Failures
Just how long will it keep foods cold in case the energy goes off? Ideally, this does not happen a lot. Nevertheless, you will wish to be ready with a generator or maybe some other way to maintain the food cold in case you have an extended outage.

You have to defrost all the chest type freezers personally. Nevertheless, you might choose a frost-free model if you have an upright type. The frost-free model prevents build-up by altering the temperature occasionally; therefore, no ice crystals create in the very first place. This type is generally less energy-efficient, as it does not keep a similar temperature.

When you have settled upon the style, features, and size, you are able to find options that are many at your neighborhood home or appliance improvement store. Shop around for a great option and also pay attention for their return and guarantee policy just in case something goes wrong.

A freezer is an appliance which can be quite helpful and also last a quite a while. Do your homework to select the one that’s appropriate to your food storage needs!